Getting into the festive spirit

Getting into the festive spirit


Christmas is upon us, and if there was ever a time to say yes to a cocktail then it's at this time of year. That's exactly why we have created some deliciously festive drinks for you to share with your favourite people.

Whether you're a big Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin fan or our award-winning Vodka is your preferred spirit, we have got something for everyone!

Winter Sangria

200ml Slingsby Gooseberry Gin
1 bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc
500ml Sparkling Apple Juice
100ml Runny Honey
Sliced Apple

INSTRUCTIONS: Build in a large pitcher with ice and stir before serving

Ginger Ale Mulled Marmalade

50ml Slingsby Marmalade Gin
100ml Red Wine
200ml Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale
2tsp Honey
Cinnamon Stick
Clove Studded Orange

INSTRUCTIONS: Gently heat all ingredients in a pan and serve warm.

Rhubarb & Winter Berry Cosmo

30ml Slingsby Rhubarb Gin
10ml Triple Sec
10ml Crème De Cassis
50ml Cranberry Juice
20ml Lime Juice
Cinnamon & Nutmeg to taste (we recommend just a pinch of each)

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake and double Strained into a chilled Martini glass

Negroni Spiced Tea

20ml Slingsby London Dry Gin
20ml Campari
20ml Red Vermouth
150ml of hot brewed Spiced Winter Tea (use two tea bags for a stronger taste)

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix in a teacup or mug with a cinnamon stick and garnish with a fresh orange wheel

Pear & Cranberry Mule

40ml Slingsby Vodka
250ml Pear Cider
25ml Cranberry Juice
20ml Lime Juice
10ml Ginger Syrup

INSTRUCTIONS: Build all ingredients in a large goblet with ice. Garnish with slices of pear

Blackberry & Sloe Fizz

25ml Slingsby Blackberry Gin
25ml Sloe Gin
25ml Clementine Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
1 Egg White / 25ml Aqua Fava (optional)
Topped with Fever-Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake the first 5 ingredients with ice and strain into a tall glass. Top with the pink grapefruit soda


If you do make any of these cocktails at home this Christmas, let us know on social media and make sure you tag us in your festive snaps - @slingsbysocial. Cheers!