Sending love with Slingsby

Sending love with Slingsby


Cheers to Valentine's Day! 

What better gift for Valentine's Day than a bottle of your favourite bottle of gin? We know, that same bottle but with a special message unique just to you! That's why we think a personalised bottle of Slingsby Gin is the perfect gift for your wife, husband, partner or even your best friend.

We spoke to Team Slingsby to find our what wonderful (and weird!) pet names we all have for our loved ones. These included boo boo, sweetie pie, baby and the most popular babe. Whatever pet name or nickname you use, you can get it added to their favourite bottle of Slingsby Gin for only £5 extra! Don't worry, we don't judge what you choose...

Free gift with purchase

If their favourite bottle just happens to be our award-winning Yorkshire Rhubarb gin, then we will add a FREE Slingsby Valentine's Day card to your order. The card will come blank, but if you would like a special message to be added for you, please add it to the 'notes' section of the checkout. 

It's the perfect card for the special Rhubarb gin lover in your life and we think it will beat any card you could pick up in the supermarket!

Name a more romantic gift than a red bottle of Rhubarb gin at Valentine's Day, especially alongside a Slingsby card and a special personalised note? Send love with Slingsby!