No doubt you are all recovering from those fantastic Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. Here at Slingsby we are always looking for new cocktail ideas or reasons to celebrate with cocktails. January is no exception with our ideas for celebrating Burns Night.

So what is Burns night exactly? Burns Night has been an important part of Scottish culture for around 200 years. They were first started by close friends of Robert Burns – the well known Scottish poet – a few years after his death in 1796 as a tribute to his memory. He was born on 25th January in 1759 – which is why Burns Night is traditionally celebrated all over Scotland – and by Scots all over the world – on the anniversary of his birth. Burns’ most famous “poem” is well known all over the world – Auld Lang Syne – often sung at the end of the evening at New Years Eve celebrations.

Here are our Burns Night Cocktail idea…

Piping In The Haggis

  • Navy gin 2
  • Heather honey 1/2
  • Grapefruit zest

Stirred down in a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a smoking stick of heather.