Slingsby Spritz Low Calorie and Low ABV Pre-Mixed Cans

Allow us to introduce the Slingsby Spritz pre-mixed cans; the newest member of the Slingsby family. These cans are more than just pre-mixed G&Ts, they are low calorie, low ABV, vegan-friendly AND gluten-free!

These ready-to-serve cans are a delicious combination of our Slingsby premium gin, sparkling water and an additional boost of fruit flavour and they guarantee the perfect serve every time. At only 70 calories per can, you can now enjoy gin guilt-free, in an even lighter and refreshing way. Not only that, but they are ideal for carrying on the go during your next weekend stroll or enjoying as part of your Friday night drinks at home.

Slingsby Spritz cans are available in the following flavours:

- Rhubarb & Strawberry

- Marmalade & Apricot

- Damson & Blackberry

Pick your new go-to flavour or give them all a try in our mixed trio set. Our brand-new Slingsby Spritz cans are available on our website now – trio packs are £7.50 or why not treat yourself to a full case of 12 for £30? We think you will love this new, light and refreshing recipe.

If you are wanting to make more mindful choices with drinking right now, the Slingsby Spritz pre-mixed cans are great as they have a lower alcohol content but still contain a lovely flavour thanks to the crisp yet fruity botanicals of our award-winning gin. Spritz are best served chilled and enjoyed straight from the can. Cheers!