We've put together our top tips for creating the perfect Gin and Tonic

Choosing Your Gin
There is no such thing as the best gin, simply select it for the situation you are in. The best way to see if you like a gin is to try it neat first to open up your palette to the complex flavours then try it with a splash of tonic, or rub it in your hands and seeing if the aroma appeals to your senses.

Choosing Your Tonic
Start with a small amount of tonic and then add to taste; there is no sense in spending valuable time and money on selecting a gin to then drown its unique flavour. There are three ways to choose your tonic:
1. A neutral tonic lets the gin have its own identity
2. A more bitter or sweet tonic will complement or contrast the flavour profile of the gin
3. A tonic with additional flavours can accentuate certain flavours in the gin
The best way to see if you like a tonic is to try it alone, ice cold. Then try it using your preferred gin, which allows you to see if the two flavour profiles are complementary.

Experts say that up to 80% of what you taste is through your nose and if a drink looks good, it’s already left a subconscious impression that it will taste good too.
When choosing a garnish, we always suggest it should be ‘elegant and relevant’; visually captivating and either a strong aroma or subtle flavour change to give the drink another level of depth for the senses. Dehydrated fruits tick both boxes as they are visually striking and as they rehydrate they release flavour and aroma.
One of our favourite ways to garnish a gin and tonic is to pick a botanical that is either citrus based or fruit based and offset this with a more savoury botanical for example strawberry and cracked black pepper or pink grapefruit and star anise.

The more ice you use the better; it keeps your drink at the best drinking temperature for as long as possible, prevents dilution of the drink for as long as possible, allows the subtler flavours and aromas to emerge and helps keep carbonated drinks at their bubbliest.

Select with care. Not only does it have to be visually appealing and big enough for everything to fit, it also has to be shaped in a way that allows the bouquet of aromas and flavours to be directed towards your nose, allowing you the full sensory experience.