The Slingsby Sipping Club Launch

The Slingsby Sipping Club Launch


November '23 we had special guests Kat Farmer (@doesmybumlook40 on Instagram) and Helen McGinn (@knackeredmother on instagram) at our store to launch the exclusive Slingsby Cocktail Club and chat about 'all things Christmas!' This was in-person event which 50 lovely people attended. The night was filled with delicious cocktails, great company, and unforgettable memories. 

Slingsby Cocktail Club is a unique concept that we have created as a brand to encompass our cocktail masterclass. By bringing together the expertise of renowned cocktail enthusiasts Kat Farmer and Helen McGinn, they were the perfect edition to the launch. They showcased their passion for mixology, introducing you to a world of exquisite flavours and innovative cocktail recipes. The attendees learnt insider tips and tricks from Kat and Helen and our Head Mixologist Alex, as well as trying a cocktail of their own too.

I think its fair to say the evening was a success and we look forward to doing more events like this in the future.

Check out our Instagram page for all their cocktail making fun!